b'ARE YOU A VETERAN.Who has Suffered or Aggravated an Injury while in Service?Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group is committed to helping veterans get the VA compensation benefits they deserve. If your VA benefits have been denied, we may be able to assist you.Our lawyers are experienced with helping Veterans, like you, get their compensation benefits. Most importantly, we dont get paid unless you do.How do you Qualify? What Levels of Compensation To qualify for service-connected disabilityare Available? benefits, you must have: For a single veteran with no dependents,Served on active duty, active duty forcompensation rates vary from $144.14 per training or inactive duty training month for a 10% rating up to $3,146.42 per A condition that warrants a compensable month for a 100% rating. If you are married disability rating or have dependent children, you will receive more month.What do you Need to Show?You may show benefit eligibility in many ways: If you have been denied disability benefitsYou were injured or became sick duringor are unhappy with your current disabilitymilitary service and your current conditionrating, please contact the Rocky Mountain is related to that injury or illness Disability Law Group. Our skilled legalYour military service made an existing injuryexperts are on your side, advocating foryou so you can get the help you deserve. or illness worse Your current condition is related to yourContact us at866.476.4558 | 303.534.1958service but did not appear until after you lefthttps://www.rmdlg.comor visit us atwww.rmdlg.comto discuss the military your case.Get the right people on your side.We are hereworking for you because your mission matters.'