b'I try to be present where Im at, said Compton. I need to make sure my Marines are taken care of and Ill work all through the evening just to make sure Ive done everything necessary for everyone to be successful. Compton has been interested in bobsledding since college when she was given the opportunity to hand an award to Olympic athlete Elana Meyers Taylor while Taylor was visiting GW. I originally wanted to play for the Marine Corps softball team, because thats what I played while in college, but unfortunately because of COVID that got shut down, said Compton. So, when I saw the opportunity to participate in a combine to see if I was good enough to make the entry for bobsled, I took it. To be a part of the Team USA bobsled team,athletes must first submit a resume and participate in a virtual combine. The combine is where the coaches test the participants strength and speed based off their performance in sprint events, a broad jump and a shot toss. Compton was asked to come back after her performance in the combine.With the amazing support from my commanding officer and executive officer, who gave me the thumbs up to go out and try it, I was able to go to Park City, Utah, for a couple of weeks, saidU.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Kerstin RobertsCompton. While I was there, I was then invited Comptons continued success as a bobsledder is to compete in the North American Cup which a source of pride and inspiration for her Marines was my first competition, so there werent highand the rest of MALS-39.expectations, but I medaled in both of my events.Something that I personally believe as a commander is that the Marine Corps is all about opportunity, said Lt. Col. Forest Rees, the commanding officer of MALS-39. So, her chasing that dream of being an Olympian, I think inspires the Marines to seek out their dreams.Compton says her Marines come first, and any success she has in her career is only because of them. She wants to pursue the Olympics, and a big reason is for the Marine Corps. Compton U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Kerstin Robertswants to show that females in the Marine Corps can do boththat anyone can be an active duty Marine and still pursue a dream like going to the Olympics.Being a Marine, said Compton. Ive learned just how proud I am of my country and the great people that are here trying to do amazing things and uplift the United States. JThank You For Your Service HApril 2021H Military Appreciation Resource Magazine 11'