b'.Veterans Memorial Garden continued from page 14and, under the generals direction, the current Heritage Assets Review Council was formed to review monument proposals. After several failed plantings, the Rancho Santa Magarita y Las Flores Docents recruited Robert Warrickwho led new crews of volunteers in 2005 to plant and maintain the site. Today, with Mario Solis, he trains and leads volunteers to plant, prune and take care of the gardens California native trees and plants like the Wild Buckwheat, Dudleya, California Aster and Evening Primrose. The work at the garden has succeeded due to the support of so many. It has succeeded with official guidance from the 21 Area Command, volunteer support from the Assault Amphious Schools Battalion and Naval Hospital and donated plants from the Tree of Life Nursery in Orange County. As the artist, Van Gogh, stated, great things are done by a series of small things brought together. New volunteers are encouraged to join by emailing the History and Museum Division at MCBCAMPEN_History@usmc.mil with thesubject Garden or by writing to Assistant Chief of StaffG3/G5, Attention History and Museum Division,Box 555021, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5021.Faye Jonason serves as the Director of the History and Museum Division and is the lead for the Heritage Assets Review Committee.Photography provided courtesy of Ron JonasonThank You For Your Service HApril 2021H Military Appreciation Resource Magazine 17'