b'The Ordnance Bomb USMC Ground Maintenance AssociationQuarterly NewsletterTo all,Due to changing of the Editor of the GOMA Newsletter, will not be in this edi-tion of the Military Appreciation Resource Magazine for Camp Pendleton. It will be returning in the JULY Edition.Thanks for reading and enjoying such a fine Magazine.Mike LewisVice ChairmanGround Ordnance MaintenanceThe Ground Ordnance Maintenance Association Board of Directors has approved the advertising of the Ground Ordnance Maintenance Association (GOMA) Newsletter Association to be placed in the Military Appreciation Resource Magazine.It happened while it was still dark. There was no light. It happened amidst the darkness. At the crack of dawn when there wasnt any one around. When there was no help to be found. It happened after many tears were shed. Blood shot eyes; teary eyes. One look closer and one can still trace theYour trials and tribulations today will be your testimony tracks of tears; the tracks of fears; the tracks of desperation. to encourage someone tomorrow. You will rise above your But it happened. The stone was rolled away. There were nocircumstances. This great nation will rise above her ashes. And fanfare. No fireworks. It happened just as it was promised. Hethese heavy stones we are carrying now will be memorials for is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while heus to remember our God forever.was still with you in Galilee: The Son of Man must be deliveredWe will always remember that in our darkest moment, stones over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third daywere rolled away. And we too will have risen just like our savior be raised again (Luke 24:6-7 NIV). Jesus Christ has risen many years ago.What is weighing you down today? Do you have any stonePrayer:that needs to be rolled away? Are you carrying too muchFather God, we thank you for your redemption plan. While weights? We are burdened with the most-heaviest stone thatwe were in the mire, you conceived an eternal plan to redeem we did not ask for. However, we choose not be anxious but theus eternally. We ask that you continue to shine your glory on stone is still heavy. The world is still burning. The calamitiesus. We need you now more than ever. And as we go about our are still too much to bear. Yet, it will happen just as it wasdaily lives, we pray that your ever watchful eyes will continue to promised. watch over us. Help us to love each other genuinely. Help us to The stone will roll away. The burdens will disappear. Thecarry the burdens of our brothers and sisters. Strengthen us. tears will dry out. It will happen in the darkest moment. It Sustain us. Comfort us. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen!will happen at the crack of dawn when you can see neither forward or backward.Jacob Gay28 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HApril 2021H Thank You For Your Service'