b'www.vanc.me10th Memorial Day Service on Monday, May 31Memorial Day 2021 We at VANC thank each and every veteran service organization Originally observed as Decoration Day in the Civil Warfor their tireless contributions to making the lives of all of era, Memorial Day was officially recognized in 1971 asour veterans better. We know that each of us hears a different a federal holiday. The tribute to our fallen soldiers oftencall to serve. Nevertheless, serve we do, with the best of took place in the cemeteries of their home towns by theirintentions for the betterment of all. We at VANC will not families and neighbors. They would lay flowers at the gravewait for our veterans to die in order to remember them for or decorate the head stone in honor of the sacrifice of sometheir service.for the benefit of many.Each year on Memorial Day, at 1500 (or 3pm) local time, a national moment of remembrance takes place on a day that was picked because itdid not coincidewith any particular battle. For many years the families of Northern Soldiers honored their dead on different days than the families of the Southern Soldiers. After World War I, Memorial Day would unify the countries various decoration days to be one day of solidarity for all of the US dead from all wars.This Memorial Day, we will honor the contributions of all veterans both living and dead. Remember the sacrifice of those veterans that have fallen in service to our country, the 1.2 million men and women who have died since the Revolution War.Moreover, keep in mind that as we gather there will be Marines, soldiers, airmen, sailors and Coast Guardsmen on duty May 31 around the world serving our country.Please join us at the Veterans Association of North County (VANC) Resource Center at 1617 Mission Ave. in Oceanside to celebrate the 10th Memorial Day service on Monday (May 31 at 10 am). Conducted at our center since VANC and city officials began working together back when the floors were dust covered no carpet and no air conditioning VANC has received a dozen commitments from veteran groups and support organizations to place a memorial wreath upon a commemorative gravesite that pays homage to those who have died in service to our country. (U.S. Army photo by Elizabeth Fraser / Arlington National Cemetery / released)8 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HApril 2021H Thank You For Your Service'