b'Being a Marine is one ofthe greatest accomplishments anyone can receive, but why stop there? U.S. Marine 2nd Lt. Riley Compton, the logistics officer for Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 39, Marine Aircraft Group 39, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, flips a tire at Paige Fieldhouse on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, Feb. 11, 2021. Compton oversees the logistical movements, ground safety and physical security for her squadron, and in her down time trains for Team USAs Developmental Bobsled Team. Compton, a native of Carmel, Indiana, is hoping to be an athlete competing in the 2026 Winter Olympics. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Kerstin Roberts)Story by Lance Cpl. Kerstin Robert2nd Marine E Camp Pendleton, CA02,24, 2021www.dvidshub.net/news/390137/faces-pendleton-2nd-lt-riley-comptonFaces of Pendleton: place for me, and the place where I knew I could 2nd Lt. Riley Compton have a lot of impact. After she graduated from college, she commissioned U.S. Marine 2nd Lt. Riley Compton is theinto to Marine Corps in 2019, attended all her logistics officer for Marine Aviation Logisticstraining and was stationed on Marine Corps Base Squadron 39, Marine Aircraft Group 39, 3rdCamp Pendleton with MALS-39. Marine Aircraft Wing. She oversees the squadronsShe is an infectiously enthusiastic officer, said logistical movements, ground safety and physicalMaj. Christopher Seemayer, the executive officer security. And in her free time she trains for Teamfor MALS-39. Anyone who works around her is USAs Bobsled Development Team.automatically motivated.Compton went to college at George WashingtonEven while Compton is gone training with Team University, where she met a recruiter duringUSA, she still works from afar using her computer of her freshman year and fell in love with the idea of being a Marine and serving her country. Shephone, according to Seemayer, and is always there attended and graduated from Officer Candidatesfor her Marines and her command. Comptons School in 2016.ability to juggle the demands of her job as a Once I went to Officer Candidates School andMarine and her training as an athlete make it that was challenged more than Ive been challenged inmuch easier to let her go train for Olympic events, my life, stated Compton. I knew that this was theaccording to Seemayer.10 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HApril 2021H Thank You For Your Service'