b'Statewide MilitaryEconomic Impacthttps://commerce.maryland.gov/Documents/ResearchDocument/economic-impact- analysis-of-marylands-military-installations-fy-2016.pdfMarylands military installations have a significant impact upon the states economy. As seen below, Marylands 15 military installations supported 374,522 jobs, $55.5 billion in output, and $22.1 billion inemployee compensationThe total economic impact of Marylands military installations is a significant component of Marylands economy. In 2016, Marylands state GDP was $380.8billion dollars, indicating that economic activity associated with the military installations comprised 15.4 percent of the total state GDP.3 These impacts are felt across the economic spectrum and occur in industries ranging from high-tech research and development to retail.Total impacts (the sum of direct, indirect, and induced impacts) by installation are presented in Maryland.While installations vary in size, area of specialty, and branches of the military that they represent, each is an The Maryland State House is located in Annapolis, Maryland as the oldest U.S. state capitol in important piece of Marylands military ecosystem. continuous legislative use.InstallationEmploymentOutputEmployee CompensationAberdeen Proving Ground .39,289 $5,141,388,739$2,132,379,177Adelphi Laboratory Center .4,538 .$612,452,247.$288,145,586Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District .5,596 .$797,223,878.$298,623,213Coast Guard Yard3,396 . $469,423,814.$170,926,025Fort Detrick .29,700 .$6,545,625,179 .$2,346,917,459Fort Meade .153,310 .$21,635,331,400 .$8,978,093,114Joint Base Andrews 26,709 .$4,562,338,779 .$1,459,199,646Maryland Military Department 3,929 .$1,042,356,357.$291,255,766National Maritime Intelligence Center .4,976 .$851,901,391.$347,450,914Naval Air Station Patuxent River 61,132 .$8,696,989,140 .$3,610,337,461Naval Research Lab Chesapeake Bay Detachment57 $9,695,139.$3,920,114Naval Support Activity Annapolis 12,958 .$1,593,784,541 $502,445,921Naval Support Activity Bethesda 19,417 .$1,900,320,994 $871,872,079Naval Support Facility Indian Head6,309 $874,589,484 $424,911,675Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division 3,205 .$809,271,704 $413,231,338 Total 374,522 .$55,542,692,786 .$22,139,709,488Prepared for Maryland Department of Commerce RESI of Towson UniversityFY 2016 Economic Impact Analysis of Marylands Military Installations Aberdeen Proving Ground Military Appreciation Resource Magazine 5'