b'Stand Against Service Dog Fraud A number of states have passed laws making it illegal to falsely claim that you are entitled to be accompanied by a When untrained pets posing as service dogs behave service animal. Its illegal to falsely misrepresent your pet or badly, people who truly need assistance dogs can face other animal is a service animal in some states, (example, added discrimination and lose access to public places-bothputting your dog in a guide dog or service dog vest).violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Penalties for violating these laws vary in states. In Misrepresenting a pet as a service dog is against the lawCalifornia, it is a misdemeanor to falsely and knowinglyand has serious consequences for people with disabilitiesclaim that you are the owner or trainer of a service animal. who rely on trained service dogs for independence. The crime is punishable by up to six months in jail and/orFraudulent service dogs cause confusion around the a fine of up to $1,000. laws and can pose a serious threat to the safety of workingIn New Jersey, you can be fined from $100 to $500 forservice dogs. putting your dog in a guide harness to falsely misrepresent The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)and pass it off as a guide dog. ADA defines a service dog as a working animal trained inTexas penalty for misrepresent your dog as a service animalspecific tasks that directly mitigate the effects of a handlersis a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $300 anddisability. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort30 hours of community service.do not qualify as service animals and are not permitted in public. 23 States with Fake Service Dog/Animal LawsService dog teams are permitted in any location the publicArizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, is allowed if they meet the definition above and are in controlKansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota,and behaving in a safe manner. Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey,87% of graduates have encountered a fraudulent or New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Utah,uncontrolled service dog in public where pet dogs Virginia, Washington State, Wyoming and more to follow.are not allowed. Certification Scam66% of graduates have had a dog interfere with, Each year more and more sites have popped up online vocalize at, bite, or growl at their service dog. claiming to Register or Certify service dogs and emotional 1 in 5 of graduates feel that their quality of life and support animals.Contract # 5481 Pet ER or severely No federal government agencies certify or registerindependence has been moderately 2020 Military Appreciation Resource Book service dogs or emotional support animals.impacted by fraudulent service dogs.Pet+ER is the leading emergency/critical care veterinary hospital in Maryland, that can handle the most severe emergency and critical care cases 24 hours a day. Staffed by highly trained, compassionate veterinariansand board certified criticalists, with a support staff whoseunconditional love and expertise is unparalleled, andpartnership with the Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Centerall within our cutting edge facility.When it comes to urgent and emergency care,Pet+ER is always open and ready with the resourcesto help you and your pet.https://pet-er.net1209 Cromwell Bridge Rd., Towson, MarylandCall (410) 252-838724 / 7 EMERGENCY PET CARE Aberdeen Proving Ground Military Appreciation Resource Magazine 33'