b'middle. The northern end would be the only inhabitable part,a unique mortar that was strong enough to hold butthe middle section is wetlands and pools, the southern sec- also had the flexibility to endure the atmospheric effectstion is pretty much owned by ospreys and blue herons. Andon the granite caused by changing weather conditions.they can be quite nasty to unwanted intruders. The restoration effort also included unbricking andThe light is the oldest, still-standing light in Maryland,reinstalling three sets of double-hung windows in thefourth oldest light in the bay, and is the longest, tower and replicating the towers original tongue-and-groove continuously-operating light as well. mahogany door.In 1994, the Army submitted a proposal to place the Each project presents unique challenges, WisePooles Island Light on the National Register of Historicsaid. For example, here we had to use lamb-wool rollersPlaces. This included a plan to stabilize and clean the to apply the necessary coats of paint to the exterior. High lights tower.winds prevented the use of a paint sprayer.Despite the operational light, the lighthouse itself had Then-APG Commander Maj. Gen. Nick Justice presided been abandoned for nearly 50 years. The restoration wasover the relighting of the old lighthouse, now equippedlaunched in 1997 and repairs were made to the towers with solar lighting, in 2011. exterior, lantern, gallery, roof and balustrade. Mortar jointsJustice described the lighthouse as symbolic, almost and fault lines imperiled the towers integrity. religious , symbolism for guiding us at a time when Base Restoration was a challenge, said Michael G. Wise, aRealignment and Closure activities were having a major member of APG Garrison involved with the 1994 restorationimpact on APGs mission moving forward.project. The island is about as remote as one can get herePooles Island has benefited ecologically from theon the bustling East Coast and at APG. There is really nothing out there save it. Armys stewardship. While habitat losses in the Chesapeake The island had no pier access so we had to barge continue to mount, the reservation has become a beautiful everything in including a landing ramp. Simple items werewildlife sanctuary. not so simple, pressure washing the exterior meant hauling inMan is no longer able to take advantage of the islands a 1,200 gallon water tank to feed the pressure washer. fertile soil, but eagles, blue herons, geese, osprey, and aIvy covered the tower and presented an organic issue assmall herd of deer are now thriving on their island home.Contract # 5603did algae and mildew build up. Once the cleaning was doneWe cant wait to see the old guardian shine withand the towers weaknesses further exposed, we had to find MPTs help. J2020 Military Appreciation Resource BookCall In OrdersHours:Sun - Mon : 10am - 10pmFri - Sat: 10am - 11pmMilitary, Police and First Responders DiscountCarry OutOrdersChickenFishBuffalo WingsChicken WingsWhittingTroutCat Fish NuggetsMac & CheeseCollard GreensSweet Potatoes 1012 Magnolia Rd, Joppa, MD 21085Phone: 443-484-2250 Menu: hiphopfc.com Aberdeen Proving Ground Military Appreciation Resource Magazine 13'