Jeff Utain Project Manager

The need to reach consumers has never been greater in today’s competitive and challenged financial environment. My name is Jeff Utain and for the last 15 years, I have been providing business owners and corporations an opportunity to reach out to the community: particularly the military community and those working with military installations, to showcase their services and help business owners recognize the importance of being utilizing an internal communicating system.
For the past 5 years, America’s Publisher LLC and I have been offering a new and exciting concept, providing a direct internal informative resource which is mailed internally by the USPS. In addition to educating and assisting many businesses, it has been my privilege to have supported multiple Military non-profit organizations by donating a percentage of sales dollars to these worthwhile causes.
The pursuit of knowledge and understanding the needs of my customers and the needs of the Military community is a never ending process. As a project manager, I would love to meet you and allow me the opportunity to explain the importance and concept or our Military Appreciation Resource Magazine.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to meeting you.

Customer Service
A resident in Maryland (Harford County over 15 years).
You can visit the web site:
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Feel free to contact me:
Cell: 443-798-1833 Main Office: 702-476-9186

            $10,000 Donation USO-Metro Washington Baltimore

$1,500  Donation Operation Warm Heart – Dover Air Force Base
First Sergeants Council

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Our Airman presentation to Jeff Utain

Proudly Supporting the First Sergeants for lunch Rich Dmochowski
Project Manager JB MDL

Delivery of additional Military Appreciation Resource Magazines which will be placed in the Squadron Units