Distribution/Circulation for Camp Pendleton

/Distribution/Circulation for Camp Pendleton
Distribution/Circulation for Camp Pendleton2020-05-10T15:01:45-08:00

Total Number of Copies Printed 20,000





Racks and Stands
2020 Publication Distribution for Camp Pendleton Military Appreciation Resource Magazine by MCCS.
MCCS will distribute publication to the following locations for placement in a MCCS provided stand.
1. Wire Mountain Marine Mart
2. San Onofre Marine Mart
3. SOI Marine Mart
4. Chappo Flats Marine Mart
5. Horno Marine Mart
6. Stuart Mesa Marine Mart
7. Las Flores Marine Mart
8. San Mateo Marine Mart
9. Del Mar Marine Mart
10. Deluz Marine Mart
11. Pacific Plaza Gas Station
12. Pacific Plaza (Outside of the Beverage Store)
13. Mainside MCX
14. Mainside Plaza (Next to Wendy’s)

Wounded Warriors, Bowling Alley, Commissary, U.S.O., and other locations.

Semper Fi Fund, U.S.O., and other events on Camp Pendleton

The Camp Pendleton Military Appreciation Resource Magazine will be distributed thru out the hospital.

Direct Mail
Mailed to all 7,300 Base Housing Units